RPO: The Recruitment Solution for larger enterprises

RPO: The Recruitment Solution for larger enterprises

Understanding the Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

In 2019, Kwena Human Capital joined forces with a major system integrator to execute and deliver a large Recruitment Process Outsourcing project. By positioning human resources onsite, Kwena Group Holdings have successfully implemented a cost-effective, collaborative staffing solution, having successfully placed and recruited web developers with specific ICT skills on time and within spec.

The RPO program is however, still met with scepticism amongst several corporate enterprises in South Africa, partly due to a lack of understanding, quantity over quality, the long term commitment involved, and the hesitation to relinquish control over one’s talent acquisition strategy to a third party. A big part of the RPO process is understanding a company’s culture and value system in order to deliver reputable, sustainable candidates. It requires a massive level of trust, and the idea is often pushed aside to favour traditional, short term solutions.

Despite the challenges faced with RPO systems, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, especially when it comes to offering scalable recruitment solutions to industry specific verticals such as the ICT, Finance, Manufacturing, Construction, Mining and Medical sectors. As talent continues to be an organisation’s biggest asset, the reasons to reconsider a partnership focused on talent acquisition with an experienced recruitment company, is an absolute no brainer.

Let’s start at the very beginning

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the process by which a third party service provider takes over all hiring initiatives, including your online recruitment strategies and relevant administrative tasks, within an enterprise or organisation. The process is highly dependent on your hiring needs and works best for larger, industry specific, high volume recruitment requirements, working independently or collaboratively with your inhouse HR team. The purpose of an RPO agreement is to optimise your recruitment process, taking charge of all variables including your cost-per-hire, hire rate, employee turnover and in some cases, payroll.

The Benefits:

Cost Saving Solutions

The RPO process of bulk recruitment allows multiple job requests to be fulfilled and screened holistically simultaneously, offering a substantial saving to one’s organisation. By optimising the entire recruitment process and restructuring your human resources, funds can be reallocated to other areas within your company budget. These may include staff incentives or staff retention budgets, allowing your business to add value and a greater sense of wellness to the company culture.


An RPO partner allows an organisation to scale their talent acquisition functions according to the various hiring requirements without compromising or disrupting daily operations or infrastructure. The benefit of positioning recruitment teams exclusively to your company, means less training, consumable expenses as well as less office support.

While your dedicated RPO account manager focuses on building pipelines, screening, employment negotiations and candidate interviews, your HR team are free to focus their energies on more strategic company targets. This contributes to general employee wellness as well as the larger, sustainable future.

 Time Saving Insights

Part of the RPO providers service offering is knowledge and insights into various markets, especially if their service offering has been focused on a particular vertical. This allows for faster hiring procedures, shorter staff training periods, reduced delays on project delivery and matching the right talent with the most fitting compensation structure. 

By removing yourself from the physical day to day ritual of human resourcing, you are able to gain a bird’s eye view across all areas of your business more frequently, with more time to focus your energies on other areas of the business requiring growth.

An RPO partner is also able to help you understand:

      Conversion statistics (from interviewing and screening to hires)

      How to optimise your hiring process to achieve desired deliverables

      Tracking and databasing candidates to ensure a healthy resource funnel

Enhanced Candidate Experience

The human element in talent acquisition is a top priority, especially in a South African context where unemployment levels have reached alarming lows. A good RPO partner will essentially act as your company’s brand ambassador, ensuring a positive candidate experience that will indirectly contribute to your overall brand and marketing efforts. 

Innovative Technologies

An RPO partner with a sound repertoire of the latest recruiting technologies once again becomes a cost and time saving exercise. RPO providers generally tend to invest in the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence for sourcing, CRM systems and social media tools to assist with their respective talent searches. These technologies often carry heavy costs and require time to adapt and learn new software.

By outsourcing your recruitment functions to a skilled RPO partner, you will essentially save on unnecessary overheads and time, while indirectly leveraging on cutting edge technologies to place the perfect candidate within your organisation.

To find out more about Kwena Human Capital’s RPO service offering, speak to our CEO, Eben de Jongh eben@kwena.net