Kwena Risk Solutions puts Health and Safety First

Kwena Risk Solutions puts Health and Safety First

Taking Safety Measures to new extremes…

The legislation around health and safety in the work environment clearly states that all employers should provide and maintain working environments that are safe and free from risk. This is particularly pertinent to industries such as mining, construction, petrochemical, oil and gas, marine and engineering, where the exposure to health risks are more critical and often underestimated.

As most of Kwena Group Holdings’ business interests fall within these verticals, the health and safety conditions for candidates placed locally and internationally is what motivated the formation of Kwena Risk Solutions. The bolt on company was a natural addition to Kwena group last year, whose core service is to provide recruitment and employment services to high risk industries, adding to a portfolio of subsidiary companies that offer full turnkey solutions to Kwena stakeholders, projects and their customers.

Know your risk:

Prevention is always better than cure, which is why the need for measurable risk assessments is vital to the elimination of hazardous and life-threatening circumstances. Understanding what and where these risks lie, combined with the appropriate training and management of sustainable risk solutions is a sure-fire way to prevent any unnecessary on site incidents.

Such hazards can be summarized within the following categories:

 Safety Hazards

  1. Spills and trips caused by poor maintenance, blocked emergency pathway and cords running across the floor
  2. Working from heights such as ladders, harnesses and scaffolds
  3. Unguarded or moving machinery parts
  4. Electrical hazards
  5. Confined spaces
  6. Machinery related hazards

Biological Hazards

  1. Work environments such as laboratories, schools, facilities and emergency response
  2. Transfer of contaminated blood and other bodily fluids
  3. Exposure to terminal and contagious illnesses
  4. Bacteria and viruses
  5. Insect bites

 Physical Hazards

  1. Radiation including ionizing and non-ionizing micro waves
  2. High exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays
  3. Temperature extremities

Chemical Hazards (solid, liquid or gas)

  1. Liquids such as cleaning liquids, acids and solvents
  2. Vapours and fumes
  3. Acetylene, propane, carbon monoxide and helium
  4. Flammable substances such as gasoline
  5. Pesticides

 Ergonomical Hazards

  1. Body vibration
  2. Repetitive motion
  3. Heavy lifting
  4. Inappropriate workstations
  5. Exerting too much pressure or force

 Organisational Work Hazards

  1. Workload demands
  2. Security risks
  3. Sexual harassment
  4. Workplace violence

Find your solution

Kwena Risk Solutions offers several services to high risk environments including:

  •     Safety, Health, Environment and Security project management
  •     Risk assessments
  •     ISO Compliance assessments and HAZOP studies
  •     Auditing and incident investigations
  •     Health and hygiene surveyance
  •     Emergency and trauma management services
  •     Security management services

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