Kwena Group Holdings appoints new CEO for Africa

Kwena Group Holdings appoints new CEO for Africa

Lucas Visser appointed as CEO in Africa:

Kwena Group Holdings has placed another firm footprint into African soil by officially appointing Lucas Visser as the CEO of Kwena Africa. The decision follows a number of strategic business decisions designed to stimulate growth and sustainable partnerships with local businesses in developing African territories such as Mozambique, Guinea and Senegal – see Kwena Human Capital Limitada and Kwena Africa articles.

“Africa has large untapped natural resources. The development of those resources brings with it existing and potential economic growth. Countries in Africa are welcoming all propositions and organizations who are prepared to make long term investments.” – Eben de Jongh, CEO of Kwena Group Holdings. 

Lucas Visser, an entrepreneur at heart, brings many years’ of business experience and expertise working in Africa, and is committed to the long-term vision that will enable Kwena Group Holdings’ to fulfill their international business objectives. These opportunities include labour outsourcing and management solutions, recruitment services, skills and development, supply chain, health and safety services as well as VIP protection services.

“The long-term goal and objective is to build new sustainable companies in each country, and through that, economic growth, work opportunities as well as credible local business partnerships.” – Eben de Jongh, CEO of Kwena Group Holdings.

A few words from the CEO 

What was the impetus for extending Kwena’s service offering outside of South Africa? 

South Africa has a rich diversity of people in various industries, and that is what Kwena is all about. We are a well diversified group of people representing employees from the four corners of our land. For this reason we cannot sit back and keep that for ourselves. Africa is hungry to grow and needs human resources to assist that growth. South Africa has been fortunate enough to be on the cutting edge of education and industry for many years. It is time for us to take the true wealth of our nation and extend it as a hand of friendship to our neighbouring brothers and sisters in Africa.

Why, in your own words, is Africa showing such promise? 

Africa has been tormented for generations through bad leadership and bad influences from other countries. The tide in Africa is slowly turning to a younger generation that is more focused on bringing sustainability, wealth, prosperity, stability and friendship back into the economy and communities. This trend of youthful leadership is taking Africa into a new era of growth that will help sustain the land and neighbouring countries.

East Africa has been leading the way for the last twelve years in terms of growth and that innovative drive has spilled over to Central, West and North Africa. This new and exciting wave of prosperity is rising, with foreign investment steadily increasing from regions within the US and Europe.

As the CEO, what is the first big accomplishment you would like to achieve in the next five years?

To have a strong, stable footprint of business activities in West, East and Central Africa and to have around three to five thousand outsourced employees on our books.

How do you feel Kwena Group Holdings’ will add value to Africa and beyond?

Business Mentorship plays a big role in adding value to Africa as well as our reputation of honouring our agreements with companies and individuals. Being involved through the local business entities will create an awareness to African’s about our sincerity, commitment and involvement in their economy.

What kind of services are you providing in Africa?

Our offering will mimic a number of services our subsidiary companies currently offer including:

o Human Capital Sourcing & Recruitment Services including On-Boarding.

o Payroll Finance & Administration Services

o In House recruitment Solutions or Outsourced recruitment Solutions

o Specialized Procurement Services for mining and oil & gas clients 

o Specialized Security to mining and oil & gas operations


How is Kwena Africa supporting Kwena Group Holdings’ vision of being a full turn-key solution?  

It is the vision that Kwena Group Holdings become the corporate establishment or vehicle to help drive multi-industry involvement and growth internationally in multiple sectors. Kwena Africa is the new holdings that will drive life and growth throughout Africa. Kwena Africa will help establish Kwena Group Holdings on the international forefront and grow its stature in the marketplace.

What are your long-term goals and objectives?

To inspire the people we work with and work for, and to grow Kwena Group Holdings into a highly profitable organization focused on delivering key objectives and solutions to the African and International marketplace.

Lastly, how are you personally feeling about taking on such an important role within the group?   

Life prepares each person for his or her next event. The culmination of my career and life has contributed to this moment in time. I see this opportunity as a major event in my life and for that reason I am very honoured and humbled to start in this company and position. I see this chapter as an exciting marathon that will undoubtedly take me through many valleys and various landscapes. I live life by a conviction to uphold “doing the right thing” always. I am excited about the team of people surrounding me, especially with Eben and Yolandie’s supportive leadership. I take comfort knowing that I can go into battle in true Kwena style with their team safely by my side.  

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