Recruitment Challenges solved with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Recruitment Challenges solved with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Save time and money with an RPO Partnership

The success of a South African sustainable economy relies heavily on job creation, innovative infrastructure, stronger skills and development initiatives, as well as further investment from private sectors. Despite South Africa’s alarming unemployment statistics, the demand for white and blue collar labour solutions in verticals such as mining, engineering and construction, as well as highly specialised ICT skills is indicative of industrial growth.     

A large contributor to this growth can be attributed to our booming SME and start-up culture, particularly those funded by venture capitalism. The rise of entrepreneurship plays an equally important role in encouraging business development and driving employment opportunities, while upskilling and educating our national workforce. 

Surveys have shown that 77% of companies that have received financial support by VC firms have increased their business capability in terms of numbers, hiring more full time positions. While the upside of fast-growing companies is great for the general economy and the business in question, the pace of expansion can sometimes lead to new challenges for internal HR and Recruitment Managers.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Time spent on quality hiring to fulfill increased hiring demands
  • Not enough capacity to fulfil the requirement  
  • The increasing cost-to-company for new hires 
  • Disorganised onboarding processes  
  • High turnover rates which impact a company’s reputation and bottom line  

When is it time to get an RPO partner?  

In South Africa, the idea of outsourcing all or even part of your recruitment function to a third party supplier is met with a lot of skepticism. RPO is a relatively new industry, one that has evolved at a rapid pace over the past fifteen years. It’s the perfect solution for long-term, project based deliverables requiring affordable and fast turnaround solutions.  

The main advantages of having an RPO partner can be summarised in two ways: efficiency and cost saving. Saving time on quality hires is crucial to the success of any business or project, and can be done in two ways: .

1. Administrative: Hiring takes time, from putting job specs together, revising onboarding procedures and policies, negotiating salary packages, searching, screening and background checks to all the other administrative functions that go into the employment process. 

The benefit of having an outsourced party is having access to resources able to optimise and execute time consuming tasks that come with the hiring. In a lot of cases, this frees up the HR Manager’s time to focus on beneficial business objectives such as sufficient employee  training, skills and development of existing personnel as well as general incentives.

2. Technology: Part of an RPO strategy is access to resources and innovative recruiting tools that make the hiring process far more streamlined and efficient. Access to a candidate database means:

  • Access to a categorised list of varied skills within a particular industry 
  • Variety in terms of candidate levels of skill  
  • Diversification across a multitude of industries  

Cost Efficiencies: 

What makes recruitment process outsourcing so appealing is its ability to save on company operational costs. An HR department is one of the biggest company expenses, from a managerial, administrative and software perspective. 

An RPO company brings years of experience and expertise to the table, with access to cutting edge technologies, reducing operational costs by half if executed accordingly. Hiring an RPO partner means:  

  • Fewer penalties and fines due to inefficient employee communications i.e. labour disputes, ineffective policy changes  
  • Access to a variety of different industries and skills 
  • Access to innovative HR strategies, policies and technologies      
  • Massive cost reduction within your HR department  
  • Reduction on software and administration costs responsible for training, benefits, disciplinary actions and payroll functions 

For more information about Kwena Group Holding’s RPO services, contact our CEO Eben de Jongh on and request our RPO Brochure.