Top of the mornin’ to you!

Top of the mornin’ to you!

Electrical Engineer Vacancies in Ireland

When we think of Ireland, our mind generally tends to wander to the stereotypes shaped by popular generalisations. Lucky charms, red heads, green eyes, cool accents, leprechauns, Guinness Beer and four-leaf clovers. While Ireland certainly looks like a magical place, it’s also a country often overlooked as a potential destination for job seekers seeking employment opportunities.

As our unemployment crisis continues to escalate, more South Africans are casting their eyes towards European countries such as Ireland, Finland and Malta, as an alternative to more common territories such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and USA. While there tends to be more public information and attention available on the latter, the prospect of working in Ireland is quite exciting, especially since there is so much more to discover and unpack! 

Kwena Offshore are currently searching for experienced Electrical Engineers looking to take the leap into the Republic of Ireland over the next five years. As a full projects-based service provider, the successful candidate will be assisted with full mobilisation services to make the transition more convenient.  

For more information about the job spec, visit our recruitment services  job portal or submit your CV to  While Kwena Offshore takes care of your logistical requirements, here are 10 fun facts about Ireland that will help dispel a few myths that will blow your mind: 

  1. The Patron Saint Patrick is actually NOT Irish.
    While the location is not exactly 100% known, it is believed that St. Paddy is actually from Britain. Legend has it that he was captured by Irish pirates and brought to Ireland at the age of 16. He spent 6 years in captivity before returning to his family where he devoted his life to Priesthood before being ordained a Bishop.
  2. The National Symbol is actually a harp and not a shamrock. It became the national symbol when Ireland split from the UK in 1922. You can see it on currency, passports as well as popular beer brand, Guinness
  3. Under 10% of the population are natural redheads! In fact, Irish people are generally blonde or brunette with a fair complexion.
  4. The White House was designed by an Irishman. Funny how the American Media has fashioned a perception around Ireland when the very building that governs the greatest nation was actually designed by an Irishman called James Hoban, who won a competition in 1792 that led him to create America’s greatest national treasure!
  5. Halloween is based on an Irish Festival! Samhain is a Gaelic festival that marked the end of harvest season and the start of winter which was traditionally known for slaughtering livestock. The myth sees souls of the dead return to their families for one night before the 1st of November, known as the Catholic Day of Saints.
  6. Ireland invented the Submarine! A Christian Brother from County Clare, John Philip Holland, was believed to have invented the first submarine used by the US Navy as well as the first Royal Navy submarine – Holland 1.
  7. Ireland is one of the friendliest places in the world! Talking to a stranger in the street is not a rare and unwanted occurrence and considered one of the friendliest countries in the world by Lonely Planet. Ireland also ranks 12th in the Global Peace Index making it one of the safest countries in the World.
  8. Brace yourself! Green is in fact, NOT Ireland’s national colour. The only thing green about Ireland are its naturally beautiful landscapes. A look back at Irish history believes that Blue was actually the first national colour of Ireland!
  9. Croke Park is the fourth largest stadium in Europe. Based in the capital city of Dublin, the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association with a capacity of 82 300! It comes close to Wembley and Olimpiysky! Imagine watching a game of ruggers there!
  10. Nigeria tops Ireland as the number 1 Guinness Seller! The most sold Guinness in the world is Britain followed by Nigeria and then Ireland. They are actually more known for drinking tea!