COVID-19 Lockdown: Special Announcement

COVID-19 Lockdown: Special Announcement

A word from our CEO:

Following the COVID-19 lockdown announcement,

We would like to inform you that Kwena Group Holdings will still be doing what it does best, Servicing our clients resourcing and material needs.  We endeavor to continue with sourcing for available roles so as to ensure our clients can transition back to business as usual as this crisis comes under control.

We are adequately prepared to continue providing our services to you our clients.

We are very lucky to be able to have each and every person in our team work remotely. This means that the work being produced by our team of champions will not be stopping, nor the quality thereof diminishing in any way.

Tasks will continue as usual, and everyone will be available on their Cell phones as per their signatures should you need to chat.

Our positivity will not be locked down, and we are tackling this challenge with determination and enthusiasm.

Standing with you during this time,

Eben De Jongh

CEO – Kwena Group Holdings