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The Perfect Fit

by in News. Posted 30/09/2019
Safety in the workplace It’s no mystery that mining and construction industries is risky business. The exposure to health and safety hazards at the workplace range from minor onsite injuries to tragic fatalities. Even a short term incident, such as a trip or a fall due to inappropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) precautions, could have ...
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We Are Kwena

by in News. Posted 02/09/2019
Kwena Group Holdings In the battlefield called business, it takes a tribe to survive. A true “warrior culture” that stands together with pride, honour, valour and experience, under the guidance of strong leadership. In combat, a warrior tribe combines their unique set of skills with a vigorous spirit, an unstoppable energy that allows them the ...
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Power to the people

by in News. Posted 02/09/2019
Kwena People Kwena People, a subsidiary company within Kwena Group Holdings’ has officially been awarded a significant portion of the Koeberg Power Refuelling Station Outage, set to commence in the middle of September 2019. The parastatal project is a perfect fit for the company’s empowerment goals, which aim to comply with high Employment Equity standards ...
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built bridge

Kwena Offshore

by in News. Posted 18/08/2019
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The Recruiters’ Guide to getting noticed

by in News. Posted 15/08/2019
The Recruitment Consultant A typical day in the life of any recruitment consultant begins with a job spec and ends in a sea of endless CV’s. The daily deep-dive expedition begins at around 8am as the recruiter plunges their way through the shallow depths of murky talent pools, until that eventual pearly candidate hooks them ...
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