Medical Scheme Options for Your Employees

We provide an integrated employee benefits package that is shaped according to company and member budgets.

Many organisations struggle to keep good staff on board. Businesses that remain leaders in the employment space are those that find opportunities to refine their retention strategies and consider where they can improve on employee wellness practices.

In a country where state health provisions are poor, healthcare, life and mortality cover are the most popular and sought-after insurance solution.

Providing competitive yet cost-effective healthcare packages to employees are one of the best ways to ensure the stability of your workforce. We can, of course, help you with this.

Our Customisable Product Benefits Include:


Hospital illness benefits


Accidental death benefits


Funeral benefits


Debit order fraud protection

Our Comprehensive Health and Mortality Benefit plans provides companies with the following opportunities:

  1. Improved attraction and retention strategy
  2. Improved company brand and image
  3. Competitive advantage and marketing opportunity
  4. Improved employee relations
  5. Improved relationship with unions
  6. Reduced overhead through our competitive pricing


R290.00 p/m

per member



R520.00 p/m

per family

* The Family Package includes the member, spouse and up to 5 dependent children under the age of 18.

See how much it will cost to cover your employees.